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 Pleiadians or Nordic aliens are humanoid extraterrestrials that come from the Pleiades star cluster who resemble Nordic-Scandinavians. They are typically male, six to seven feet tall (about two meters) with long blonde hair, blue eyes, and skin tones ranging from fair to tanned.  Nordic aliens are often described as benevolent or even "magical" beings who want to observe and communicate with humans and are concerned about the Earth's environment or prospects for world peace. Believers also ascribe telepathic powers to Nordic aliens and describe them as "paternal, watchful, smiling, affectionate, and youthful.

Contrary to popular belief, no, Homo Sapiens did not descend naturally from the Apes. Anyone who doubts this fact might like to explore how the human chromosome count mysteriously contracted from 48 to 46 and then propagated throughout the entire human species, when such a ‘mutation’ would have been an evolutionary disadvantage. And there are countless other reasons that point to some blend of extraterrestrial genetics, like the 223 genes that appear nowhere else in the human tree of life. Pleiadians were responsible for the development of civilizations that were around at the time such as Maya, Inca, Lemuria and ancient Egyptian civilization. 


Approximately 38,000 BC the Norse Aliens arrived here on Earth.They brought with them highly advanced alien beings from other planets near them, such as Thoft. Theses Norse aliens were called Atlanteans or Nordic aliens at first as they looked like "White Nordic Gods". They have been called by many names over the years. They were called Aryan race in the 18th- 19th century. They are now called the  Pleiadians, they Came From The beautiful, dazzling Pleiades Star Cluster in the Constellation Taurus. 
 The Pleiadians had to evacuate their home planet. They were under attack by alien beings that were Gray aliens and between all the exploding bombs and pollution, it wrecked their ozone layer on their planet. Most of the Pleiadian race was exterminated by the gray aliens. The Pleiadians once numbered in the millions, but now were left with 10,000 of them in existence. The oxygen levels were becoming too low to support future life. The radiation levels were very high and chances of having healthy offspring was almost impossible. The end of their race was imminent. They were planning ahead and had been building large spaceships to evacuate their planet.They planned to leave behind several thousand elite soldiers to continue the battle, live on their space ships and liberate their planet. The construction of the space fleet had finished in time and they gathered up most of their animals still alive and fled in 42 spaceships.
  The Pleiadians had sent out a scout ship and the scouts found a planet that was habitable. They researched the planet and found that it had only simple life forms and cave men on it. The planet was called Earth. They had a plan to hide on Earth until their home planet could be reclaimed and repaired. They traveled many decades through space. They finally arrived to the planet Earth. The space ships all descended one at a time and landed in the ocean. They were planning to fasten the ships all together after they landed.The spaceships were even engineered to be fastened together when built. The spaceships were all different shapes and sizes as they all had different functions. Some were seemingly like the fabled fictional Noah’s Ark, built as transport vessels for their animals. Some spaceships were made for guard type fighter ships and others for the Pleiadian passengers to ride in. Several ships were filled with equipment to use and several library type vessels to store past and future information.
 They first checked the climate conditions on every continent and let all their animals loose on lands with fitting climate conditions.The animals were left and now could survive on their own and repopulate here on Earth. The animals blended in nice with the existing animals already here. The Pleiadians could not believe the beauty of Earth and how much brighter the sun was.
 Now they had to hide. The ships were quickly all fastened together and it looked like a great floating island with different heights of ship like small mountains. The Pleiadians made a water proof cover to go over all the spaceships and could see that would not be enough to hide the fleet. They starting hauling dirt and sand onto the tops of the space ships.They hollowed rock and put over the taller parts of the ships. They feared that the Gray aliens may have followed them and would destroy them and wipe out their race.
They had many vehicles that could levitate and haul large loads of dirt. They worked for many years and finally the ships were hid. It now looked like a large floating island and had been cleverly designed with trees and even an rock opening to launch a small fighter spaceship out of what appeared to be a cave. They even constructed simple wood and fancy stone buildings on top of the floating island and had gardens, as well as domestic animals grazing on top.
No one was ever the wiser and the Gray aliens never found the Pleiadians, but flew over the island hundreds of times looking for them. The Pleiadians needed to gather Gold to repair the ozone layer on their planet and wait for the war to end. They were able to move the floating island around in the ocean and that is why all the ancient records have it in different places. Malta was one of the favorite parking spots to dock with. It was a central location and gold rich Egypt was close by.
In the year 3400 BC peace was achieved with the Gray aliens. The Pleiadians now sent countless loads of Gold back to their home planet and the artificial ozone layer was being made. The Gray aliens were now even helping haul the gold and put up the artificial ozone layer up. A big invisible gold bubble with a docking door now surrounds their planet. Now the time to leave Earth had arrived. Many of the Pleiadians had left the floating island of spaceships and decided to live and mate with humans and rule over them. Most of the Pleiadians tried to stay of pure blood, the same being, as when they had came to Earth. The pure of blood were the only ones that were allowed back on the space ships. In the year 10 AD they took off, back into space and the whole floating island mysteriously vanished.
They left behind a few of their people, that wanted to stay.  Jmmanuel was one, who later was known as Jesus. They took some of their animals along and left some. The evidence is clear. We have lots of unique animals and the ancient Egyptian Pharaohs were Pleiadians or Norse aliens. The Pleiadians built stone structures world wide. Our ancestors the Pleiadians wrote Hieroglyphics and left 42 principle Commandments in stone for us to follow.

The term Aryan has generally been used to describe the Proto-Indo-Iranian language root *arya which was the ethnonym the Indo-Iranians adopted to describe Ayrans. Its cognate in Sanskrit is the word ārya (Devanāgarī: आर्य), in origin an ethnic self-designation, in Classical Sanskrit meaning "honourable, respectable, noble".

In the 18th century, the most ancient known Indo-European languages were those of the ancient Indo-Iranians. The word Aryan was therefore adopted to refer not only to the Indo-Iranian peoples, but also to native Indo-European speakers as a whole, including the Romans, Greeks, and the Germans. It was soon recognised that Balts, Celts, and Slavs also belonged to the same group. It was argued that all of these languages originated from a common root – now known as Proto-Indo-European – spoken by an ancient people who were thought of as ancestors of the European, Iranian, and Indo-Aryan peoples. The ethnic group composed of the Proto-Indo-Europeans and their modern descendants was termed the "Aryans"

 The ideology of Nazism was based upon the conception of the ancient Aryan race being a superior race, holding the highest position in the racial hierarchy and that the Germanic peoples were the most racially pure existing peoples of Aryan stock. The Nazi conception of the Aryan race arose from earlier proponents of a supremacist conception of the race as described by racial theorist figures such as Arthur de Gobineau and Houston Stewart Chamberlain.

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