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Have a story to tell ? Alien abduction?

We are also still currently looking for compelling Speakers that Believe in our mission. God watches over us and keeps us safe. The 42 principles of Ma'at were wrote down in the book of the dead and hieroglyphs on stone last forever. Put your faith in stone. This could be done by simply making a YouTube video (HD preferred). Shoot us a email God@mwt.netand give us permission to use it and we may include it on our Sunday web service.

​​We have plans for the Church. We will show you a summary of what needs to be done.

We will more than likely have to put up a multi-floor parking garage north of the Theater Church, parking space is limited by the lower road, the good news is that different floors will attach by walk tunnel to different parking levels of the main building.

        Believe in us and help

We are still needing help with funding. We have the scenic 4.5 acre parcel of land to build on with a view of beautiful sunsets and overlooking the Iowa river.  The Blackhawk Native Americans were Martyred for their beliefs. Our new Church building will stand to remember those being  put to death and the suffering that they endured for Alien Belief. We have some prototype pictures below of what we would like to build. We will need help.

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We have excellent views of the sunsets on this parcel. A prototype building something like this, but narrower would be ideal with 2 basement levels.The sunsets move around with the seasons, and we can capture the birth of the sun at Christmas and watch it rise up to the equator passover at Easter and reach its peak level to the north at Summer solstice from the upper level. The view spans several miles to the west and we will be able to film spectacular sunsets. We may even be able to spot a spaceship! Of course we would like to set up wind and solar power and make it a smart Church as well.This building would connect to the main theater and parking garage by elevator and tunnels. 

The main theater in Church basement area is where Sunday service will be shown on the big screen and broadcast to everyone else on the web feed. It will be sloped upward, as luck would have it, this parcel slopes up hill anyway and will work nicely for handicapped with elevator entry on the front. We want everyone to sit in comfort. Of course we would have to put some Ankh's up on the walls.

Shine in the love of God's grace, every day.
At Alien God Church, it's our mission to help you discover your relationship with God and be enlightened of your future and understand the past. Join us each Sunday any where in the world with a modern day Religion web service and experience the warmth of faith and the strength of our whole world community. We welcome all. We are modern day Religion still following the 42 principles of the Egyptian Goddess Ma'at The Ancient Egyptians wrote hieroglyphs in stone 3000 years before an Alien named Jesus showed up trying to restore these same beliefs (turn the other cheek). We have purchased land and are in the process of building a Church and will be needing your help. Our new Church will be built on Blackhawk Road. It is on the same road that the Blackhawk Native Americans tried to use as an escape. Iowa was their last escape. Now every day the sunset reminds us of the path to the heavens and  the Native Americans that were martyred for Alien belief .

Today we pray for all the Martyrs including the Native American people that were innocent and have been murdered for no valid reason over the years. Our new Church building will stand to remember those being  put to death and the suffering that they endured for Alien Belief. God Bless!


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Help buy materials to construct the new Church -God Bless You-Thank you for your support