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Then we see Ramesses II lived to around 90, He outlived many of his wives and children and left great memorials all over Egypt. What happened? It is clearly logical that the Ancient Alien Pharaohs found out that their genetics were related too closely and their future was lined up for a definite failure of their race. King Tut is a good example of birth defects. The only fix to this problem was to start mating with human beings. The average human life span was around 18-25 years back around 2000 BC. All of a sudden Ramesses II lives to 90’s longer than some of his own children. Ramesses II was no doubt the first generation of a human and mostly alien hybrid. Ramesses II had 90-200 children depending on what info is used. This shows that Ramsesses II attempted to make as many children as possible as his DNA was superior to anything human or alien. He was a true hybrid mostly Alien being. Were the humans actually still cave man gene based back then? Logic would conclude “Yes”.The elongated heads eventually became smaller when crossed with primitive ancient human beings. Akhenaten (king Tuts dad) head was elongated, and the mummy for Ramesses II shows how the skull had already smaller when interbreeding.

Lets take a look at the pyramids world wide and look at how the life span of humans increased around these areas. There was obviously Alien and human mating going on all around the world. Any where there is a pyramid is the answer to intelligence and long life. China had many pyramids and was one of the areas to have longer life and the good fortune of being smarter and they even constructed a great wall to keep people that were not alien hybrids like them, out of China .We always looked at an answer of how to build a smarter human and it seems the Aliens already did it. Good news to all. We are Alien Hybrids. We look to the stars for Aliens, but we are already here. We know their are lots of other Alien types out in space, but most are not seen. Royal descent was copied and failed by many cultures attempting to clone the same  belief as the Alien Pharaohs. Ramesses II  instead started a goal to make as many Alien/caveman hybrids as possible or better said “Humans”.

It appears that some people marvel over the superior intelligence of certain groups of people around the world, when all along it boiled down to how much Alien DNA is present in their body. Live long and prosper was no doubt a gift from alien beings. 

Put all the pieces together and You will see that theNordic Aliens were on Earth in Atlantis and mated with the primitive human beings that were here and the result is a Alien/caveman hybrid = modern day Human.

Today we find a answer to a question that has been asked frequently. Why do humans live longer and have alien DNA? Obvious answer being good hospitals for longer life now, but back 2000 BC the life span was approximately 18 - 23 years. Imagine trying to train doctors when they would not live long enough to get through college. First we look at the problems the Ancient Egyptians aliens were having with keeping their blood of royal descent, since their spaceship had landed on earth, they tried to stay in their own Alien gene pool. 

​Lets take a look at what Wikipedia has for info

Genealogy- King Tut, died at 19 

In 2008, a team began DNA research on Tutankhamun and the mummified remains of other members of his family. The results indicated that his father was Akhenaten, and that his mother was not one of Akhenaten’s known wives but one of his father’s five sisters. The techniques used in the study, however, have been called into question.The team reported it was over 99.99 percent certain that Amenhotep III was the father of the individual in KV55, who was in turn the father of Tutankhamun. The young king’s mother was found through the DNA testing of a mummy designated as ‘The Younger Lady’ (KV35YL), which was found lying beside Queen Tiye in the alcove of KV35. Her DNA proved that, like his father, she was a child of Amenhotep III and Tiye; thus, Tutankhamun’s parents were brother and sister. Queen Tiye held much political influence at court and acted as an adviser to her son after the death of her husband. Some geneticists dispute these findings, however, and “complain that the team used inappropriate analysis techniques.”

While the data are still incomplete, the study suggests that one of the mummified fetuses found in Tutankhamun’s tomb is the daughter of Tutankhamun himself, and the other fetus is probably his child as well. So far, only partial data for the two female mummies from KV21 has been obtained. One of them, KV21A, may well be the infants’ mother, and, thus, Tutankhamun’s wife, Ankhesenamun. It is known from history that she was the daughter of Akhenaten and Nefertiti, and thus likely to be her husband’s half-sister. One consequence of inbreeding can be children whose genetic defects do not allow them to be brought to term.

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