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Ammit the soul devourer. There are many images of Ammit. Ammit was referred to as a dragon by many and breathing fire out and consuming bad souls when he breathed in. It appears now that the face of Ammit is highly visible in the milky way star constellation and the eye is the the black hole (Sagittarius A) is the black hole in this Galaxy. The bad souls are all sent (enter the eye) to this black hole (Duat) for disposal or rebirth. The Good souls are left free to wander the heavens and achieve immortality as a immortal ghost spirit after their journey to God in Orion.

The region to which the dead departed, the primitive Egyptians called Duat. They believed it to be formed of the risen body of Osiris. Duat was regarded as dark and gloomy, containing pits of fire and dreadful monsters like Ammit which once roamed the earth. The Duat held open door through which the soul of the deceased might not hope to struggle unless guided by some benevolent spirit who knew the paths away from this soul eating creature. Thick darkness covered everything, and under the veil of this, the hideous inhabitant of this place "Ammit" consumed all that entered.

 The black hole has a natural pull on all of us already. A black hole is a place in space where gravity pulls so much that even light can not get out. The gravity is so strong because matter has been squeezed into the tiny space of Ammit's belly.

Join us and follow the path of light.