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  All the mysteries of the world can be solved by space ships and alien life forms.  The Rosetta stone has deciphered Ancient Egyptian Hieroglyphic Writing and we follow the correct belief, theoriginal 42 principles of the Goddess Ma'at as used by the Ancient Egyptian Pharaoh's who were Nordic Aliens originally from Atlantis over 40,000 years ago. The Ancient Egyptian Nordic Aliens had the first and was the most common Religion of the Universe and Earth. Ancient Pharaohs and Inca's were Caucasian and were the ancestors of modern day humans who were responsible for this hybrid mix of Nordic alien DNA,  . Thoth and beings like him constructed most of the ancient pyramids worldwide.These 42 Principles of Ma'at  were wrote in the Book of the dead 3000 BC and even chiseled in stone thousands of years ago in hieroglyphic form, long before an Alien named Jesus the last Pharaoh existed, or before a book called the Bible was wrote.The Emerald tablets of Thoth even tells of forty and two are the great powers to be judged by. We are a Modern FuturisticUFOlogy religion (not connected with any heavens gate cult).

 We believe in a supreme extraterrestrial Alien God (Sah) as our Protector as did the Ancient Egyptians. Our God (Sah) lives in the Orion Nebula and is still making planets today. Creation is still happening and new planets are created. God sends many forms of Alien life to help with humanity. Andromedans, also called Divas or Angels, Ancient Egyptians called these shape-shifter Bird type creator beings names such names as Osiris, Ra and Isis (which they falsely worshiped later). Thoth was another shape-shifter magical being and writer of the book of the dead and the Emerald tablets. The Native Americans called these Orb beings Thunderbirds. The purpose of the divine Andromedan Orb beings was to watch over or even magically create more humans. Aliens (such as Jesus) andother Alien divine life forms came to planet Earth  and tried to restore what the Ancient Nordic Egyptians had before, the belief with 42 Principles of Ma'atand failed to restore them . Ramses II had 170-200 children andalien /human DNA resultedand had a peace treaty that worked, before Jesus needed to appear.

   Walk into the light of the truth and join us. Some think it started with a big bang, but if no one heard it, it was more than likely a "Poof" of magic.The Biblehas been edited into a warriors book by the children of Israel and stories copied from Ancient Egypt and Sumerian. The Bibletells gruesomestories that children should not hear. The Native Americans were killed in the name of Jesus. Alien beings still send crop circles of No more War. Alien beings in space ships have been seen helping save humanity.

 God is Loving and does not want harm to come to any creation. In Reality God is the only one that watches and sendsalien life to protect us from harm. We pray to God and God will keep us safe from evil on earth and evil coming from other planets. Here is your chance to believe in theAlien saviorsone named Jesus (son of Isis) Cleopatra's sonthe last Egyptian pharaoh and still follow the teachings Jesus tried to restore, the 42 principles of Ma'at and not an eye for eye law that Moses the Egyptian made. Moses a murderer was drawn to the dark side.  Judgement Day is coming! Walk into the light with us, darkness awaits the non believers. Join Alien God Church membership now.

Read stories to help understand the real Genesis, what happens at death, and where Hell is. Help build the new Church. Say the correct end to a prayer Amen-Ra

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