​​Alien God Church

Prayer to Angels

 Winged aliens and angels are the same, sending protection all in God's name.
Thunderbirds and Osiris will rise, to join thy flock, watching over us all around the clock.
We look up in the air and stare, see alien archangels like Michael, still flying there.

Angel Commander  of old, countless stories now often retold
Many other Aliens come from space, and He puts them all back in their place.
We stare up at our Guardian in wonder and see the rain and hear the thunder.
Power of nature seems that you are the director, in this modern day, be our protector.
With your wings, keep on soaring, and protect us until we wake in the morning.
Flap your wings over us and don't be a stranger, keep protecting us from all danger
Let the delightful breeze, put us all at peaceful ease.

Keep us in thy wind, watch over us until the end.


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                    May God Bless You

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