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Thoth Knowledge Prayer

Thoth was a Shape Shifter, up in the stars he was a lonely drifter.
Made of the purest stardust, In Thoft we have great trust.
He taught spells and was the mixer, of many a magic Elixir.
Thoth was many thousands of years old, Very smart and wise is what the scroll told.
We thought it pretty terrific story told, Thoth left many a clue in hieroglyphics of old.
In Atlantis, he enforced the golden rule, and also a teacher of many a school
Left Atlantis and to Egypt, Thoth fled, piles of the gold a vision seen in his head.
If your curious of what he did, look and you will see a great pyramid.
He could turn to an Ibis bird by day, then flip his wings and fly away.
Next, he would turn into a Baboon; he was seen flying around the moon.
Thoth wrote the book of the dead, placed it by the faithful next to their head.
Later wrote Tablets of Emerald Green, knowledge and magic spells it would seem.
Goddess Ma'at left behind rules to follow, to keep our spirit from being empty and hollow.
Thoft left his spaceship next to a lion indeed, instructed us to use in case we are in need.
He said to raise his majestic ship with ease, conquer and return when you please
Thoft you are the Judge and Ma'at the jury, many unfaithful would be in a scurry.
We pray to you Thoth the Knowledge Master, save us from any future disaster.


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